An insight on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Note 4

The Samsung galaxy note 4 has been considered to be a comprehensive phone of all the four versions of the Samsung note phones.


The most obvious and notable difference from the other note phones is its massive 5.7 inch display screen. This screen enhances its efficiency even more by having a quad HD screen resolution that ensures that you get to view your phone applications and operations in absolute comfort without having to worry about moving your phone closer so that you can get to see what your phone is operating on. Its operating system is scheduled to be of 4.4.4 where it will be the latest and most efficient android operating system and with an internal memory of 32 GB and a RAM of 3GB you will definitely enjoy using this phone as all the operations will be running smoothly without experiencing any problems of hanging or any other problems.

It outstanding feature is also the fact that it is bound to have a rear camera of 16MP, that is double what the normal smartphones are offering. If the current high rating smartphone has rear cameras of 8GB and yet they deliver good photos, imagine the quality of the photos that will be shot by this camera of 16MP. The camera is also expected to come up with amazing features such as being able to take dual shots as well as take HD videos simultaneously, this is extremely lovely as you will be able to capture two wonderful events taking place at the same time.

People nowadays are considering the length of the battery life of the smartphone they want to purchase before finally being convinced that it is what they are looking for. The Samsung Note 4 has taken care of this ensuring that the battery they provide you with has a 3220mAh capability which will ensure that you get to use your phone without having to keep on charging it after every 2 hours. Its feature of having an ultra-saver mode also ensures that you get to use your phone for even more hours. Its lower power consumption feature also ensures that it saves more for you to use it for a longer period of time.

Let’s talk about securing your phone and this note 4 gives you an opportunity of utilizing the finger-print sensor where it will make it easier for you to use and complicate things for those who may want to use your phone. Although it is estimated to be about 176 grams, it is considered as going to be comfortable to carry.

Key details

This phone has been designed to ensure that its users are able to experience everything in HD form and it is for this reason that you need to watch out for this phone especially now that it is expected to be out anytime from now. You need to check out on the Samsung galaxy notepad 4 news on our social blogs fo more information on this great Samsung product.