How to FaceTime on your Samsung Galaxy S5 android phone

How to FaceTime on your Samsung Galaxy S5 android phone

If you have been using the iOS devices and you have decided to jump ship to the android devices, you will no doubt notice the difference between the devices that use the android OS and those that use the iOS OS. Among the missing things from the iOS devices that you will not find in the android devices is the FaceTime which is a video chat feature found only on the iOS devices. However, this should not make you not use your android device just because of this one feature as there are many alternatives that you could have for the FaceTime. So if you have just switched to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and you are looking for the best alternatives to the FaceTime that you could use on your android device for your respective video chats, you should stick with us as help you learn about the best alternatives to have in your android device by giving you a list of some of these great apps.



Skype being the pioneers of the video chat service, there is no doubt that it has grown to be very popular and with this comes a very huge number of people using tit for their video chats. With Skype coming up with an app for virtually every type of operating system from windows, iOS to android there is no doubt that this should be a perfect FaceTime alternative to have in your android device. With the option of the respective user of Skype choosing whether to use the mobile networks or the Wi-Fi networks, you will be able to effectively use this app for all your video chats without experiencing any difficulties. There is another great aspect of having Skype and it is that since Skype has been around offering the video chat services, it has become very popular that there are very many people with accounts on Skype and therefore you will most probably find all your contacts using it and this will make it easier for you to contact them. Skype offers its users the chance to open free accounts and therefore anyone can get to have account with this great FaceTime alternative app.


Although it was primarily designed to ensure that its users are able to make free phone calls, its video chat service is also a very good FaceTime alternative for all android users. It has been well designed to cater for its users’ demands where its beautiful user interface makes its users enjoy its video chat services even more. Since the viber app works effectively in the same manner in both the desktop and the smartphone version, you will be guaranteed to experience high quality video chats with those who will be using it on the desktop and those that will be using it on the android smartphone like yourself. You will be required to first get a viber account before you can finally get to use this amazing video chat app.

Google Hangouts

The Google Hangouts app has been designed based on the same technology as the FaceTime and therefore it guarantees to offer you the best FaceTime alternative app you should be having in your android device. The Hangouts are considered to work on all android devices that are supported by Google and therefore you are guaranteed to have this app in any of those Google recognized android devices which is basically almost all the android devices. With the Hangout being able to be used by all the available desktop OS, you will definitely be in a position to contact all your contacts from your android device even those that are on their desktops from this app and therefore it is quite amazing in its own way.