Measure the power consumption of electrical appliances

Test the power consumption of your kitchen appliancesThe electricity power meter measures and displays the power consumption of individual electrical appliances.

Simply plug the electrical device you wish to measure directly into the energy meter to display energy consumed and associated running costs of each electrical appliance.

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How It Works Step By Step

Plug in

Plug the energy meter into a wall socket or extension lead and switch on at the wall.

Select electrical appliance

Next select the electrical appliance you wish to check and test and plug directly into the energy meter.

Function button

By pressing the function button you are able to display different values on the LCD display for e.g. Voltage, Current, and Frequency of the electrical appliance you are testing.


As the desk fan was increased to speed 2, the power consumption also increased on the LCD display.

Using the function button allowed us to see the difference in running costs etc between the two different speeds.

Educates on electrical energy costs around your home

A great way to understand running costs of individual electrical appliances around your home helping save money by increasing your energy consumption awareness. Click here to see the top 10 metres.

What to do when your appliances stop working?

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