How to turn your Samsung Galaxy Alpha into a radio

The best free radio apps for android

There are some of us who are totally into radio listening whereby they cannot travel without having to listen to a radio while they are on their way. If you are such kind of a guy, then you do not have to worry about carrying your radio everywhere you go it would seem very awkward for people to see you carrying a huge radio everywhere you go. Listening of radio through your Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been much easier all because of the latest progress in the technology whereby apps developers have come up with great apps that you can download and listen to all your favorite radio stations from. Some of these great apps include the following:


The Tunein Radio app

Based on the internet market for android apps for radio listening, the Tunein Radio app is the most popular radio app having been downloaded and used by more people than any other radio app. This is not the only reason why you should be using this app as your radio listening app as there is also another very important quality possessed by this app: it has over 100,000 radio stations for you to choose your favorite stations. You will agree with me that there is no way you can get bored to listening to over 100, 000 unique stations and therefore you are guaranteed access to all your favorite stations. The app also gives you an opportunity to get on a free basis or on the pro basis, whichever you find appropriate for your use.

The Internet Radio PCRadio app

Just like its name suggests, this is a radio listening app that allows you to stream live the radio content form the internet. It is a great app to have in your android phone as it offers you radio stations that cover all the music genres from Pop to relax music. It also gives you an opportunity to set your favorite stations from which it becomes much easier to access them after classifying them as favorite. The most outstanding feature of this app that should make you download it is that it always produces high quality sound of the music no matter the quality and speed of your internet connection.

Pandora Internet Radio app

This is an amazing radio app you don’t want to miss as it gives you an opportunity to personalize all your radio information. It gives you a chance to personalize more than 100 radio stations by simply choosing the radio stations based on the artiste, band or songs that you like and they will become your favorite radio stations. The app also enables you to set up your favorite stations by simply showing which artistes and genre of music you like and the app will notify on the new things about your specified likes.

The Jango Radio app

It is a very user friendly app whose interface is also among the most beautiful and you will simply enjoy using this app. It also gives you an opportunity to access your favorite type of music by just listing you’re the kind of music or name of your favorite artistes and ones you do this the app will recommend the statin that plays that kind of music.

The Sky.FM Internet Radio app

This is one of the few radio station android apps that gives the user the chance to listen to music that was played in the past years such as the music that was played on the 60s and the 70s. You certainly want to experience this app if you want to enjoy these among other benefits of having this great app. So if you want to experience the amazing experience exhibited by this app simply download it and you will be read to use it.