Using your iPhone 8 as a travelling guide

Best traveling apps for iPhone’s

Traveling can be fun, but that fun is normally almost taken away by all the time we spend on planning and booking when we decide to use travel agents. Luckily that problem will now be solved as you will no longer need to rely on travel agents and robust map catalogs when planning or experiencing your next vacation.

In this article, I have put together a list of mobile apps that you can use on your iPhone 8 or any iPhone which provide tools that are convenient for all stages of the traveling process. These apps are available on Apps Store, Window Store or Google Pay either for free or at a reasonable premium. Have a look at the iPhone 6. Hopefully, most people will be able to use these applications. Of course, some of these applications will make the process of traveling a lot easier, but there will still be things that people need to do manually. For example, people will still need to find the correct flight. Perhaps people could book with an airline or they could consider looking into a private jet charter service instead. That would allow people to enjoy a luxury flight over to their chosen destination. That would have to be booked manually over the phone. Despite that, most other things can be done through applications.

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Don’t you just get irritated when someone standing next to you whistles for a taxi or you yourself have to whistle for a taxi? Yes, I know you do but with this app called Uber you don’t have to do that anymore. With Uber, you can quickly request a private car or taxi directly within the app after perusing through different vehicle rates and fare quotes. You can later connect with your personal driver to track the approaching car’s location. It is easy to pay for your fare as you can do so securely using your credit card. It is a free app and as you have seen it’s very easy to use so I would urge all iPhone users to have it on their devices. Download Uber.


Airbnb stands out as the most dynamic traveling app in this list in terms of listings and number of cities available. It showcases more than 450,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities. Visit AirBnB. Where you have a favorite traditional hotel, Airbnb helps you to book it. It matters less whether you are booking a one night stay in a yurt along the coast the app still works as effective. Airbnb has tools that will enable you to message your host hotel and at the same time obtain directions. If you are a social media guy; this app enables you to share your desired space with friends. Check out more iPhone apps.


Waze is an amazing app that is available for free; it is amazing because it has some awesome features which I am sure you will love. This app offers live routing directly based on community-driven mapping and real-time traffic information. It also encourages you to report accidents and unforeseen hazards to police checks along the way. Waze also helps you to know the cheapest gas station in town and voice navigation is also an added feature. Click here.


This is a very important app when it comes to choosing hotels and restaurants that you are interested in. This is so because you can peruse through millions of reviews, opinions, videos and photos pertaining to different hotels and restaurants that you are interested in. It is also possible to easily compare airfares and hotel prices before booking and to add to this, TripAdvisor allows you to ask specific travel questions in the app’s forum while at the same time it allows you to add your own reviews.

Apps like these are incredibly helpful for assisting in travel, however, one thing that should never be looked over is how to travel safely, this is incredibly important, as in some cases an app won’t be there to help you out, so take this into account and plan accordingly you will then be able to enjoy your trip.

Use any other great apps? Let us know!