How to listen to music with Bluetooth headset from your Samsung Galaxy S4

How to listen to music with Bluetooth headset from your Samsung Galaxy S4

Smartphones users enjoy the benefit of receiving calls through their Bluetooth headset devices; however, it is important to note that the Samsung Galaxy S4 users can listen to music via their Bluetooth headsets that is if you did not already know.


It is however important to understand how to go about listening music via the Bluetooth headset. There are several steps that one needs to follow so that you can be able to listen to the music in your phone through your Bluetooth headset. Like for instance, one in this article we will consider the various steps one needs to follow to be able to listen to music via the Bluetooth headset.

Step one is that you need to be sure that your iPhone supports the wireless connectivity to headphones and headsets. Before beginning, you need to make sure that the Bluetooth connectivity has been set and that you can view the headset where you will now connect to the Bluetooth headset. One other issue worth noting is that for the two to connect and pair, the two must be close to each other in distance though not that close.

After you have ensured that you have followed the above procedures, you are now able to start the enabling process by scrolling through your phone. This is where you browse to the settings page on your phone from which you will general folder and then to the Bluetooth application. Under this is where you will turn the Bluetooth on and it will automatically start searching for Bluetooth devices around you and it is bound to discover your Bluetooth headset as soon as possible. As soon as it does this you, you will be required to input the PIN so that you can be given access to the usage of the device and after keying in the PIN, the phone and the device will start pairing. The pairing is just a short process and ones it is over you can now start using your headset.

You can now visit your home screen page where you can select the folder with your music and can immediately start listening to the music through your headset immediately you press play. However it is also to note that though the process of the phone searching for Bluetooth devices available for pairing it might detect several of those Bluetooth enabled devices but it can only pair with only one device to know. You should also remember to switch off the Bluetooth connectivity ones you have finished listening to the music just to save some power on your phone as know very well that Bluetooth uses a quite significant amount of energy to keep it running.

Am certain that with this information you will now be able to listen to music via your Bluetooth headset and you will not have to keep on carry your headphones and earphones wherever you go so make sure you get one if you do not have it.