The best apps for watching free TV shows on your iPhone 4

The best apps for watching free TV shows on your iPhone 4

Watching TV in these modern times has been made life much easier, with thousands of channels available on cable through products like an infinity dish. What could be better? How about watching TV while being away from your TV? You can now enjoy watching your favorite TV shows even when you are away from your television set by just watching them right from your iPhone 4 by just downloading the apps used in streaming live of TV shows. There are lots of different apps for you to stream TV and Movies with, each with its pros and cons. Some cost more than their counterparts, and others are not available on the app store, requiring an app like 3utools to jailbreak the phone first. This article will be recommending official apps so that you can sit down and start watching from your iPhone without putting in much effort. Without further ado, the best apps you can use for watching TV and Movies include the following:

AT&T U-verse Live TV App

This is basically an app that brings TV right into your iPhone through the U-verse broadband. It offers TV shows from stations such as Fox news, Fox sports, ESPN sports among others, therefore if you are a news and sports news lover then this great app will do you great justice by solving since you will be able to watch those TV shows right from your phone wherever you may be provided you have an internet connection. To get the most out of this app, as well as being able to stream content to the highest quality, looking for the best internet resources that you can get with something similar to these suddenlink internet packages will be in your best interest, as your viewing pleasure will definitely be enhanced this way. Not forgetting that the app does not need you to have its cable connection in your home but you will certainly have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $11.99 if you want to keep enjoying the great shows this app provides. If you are unable to access these shows due to your location, or they don’t have the ones you’ve been searching for, you can look into a Pirate proxy to see about downloading the ones you do want separately, so you are not paying for another subscription per month.

The Cartoon Network App

This is an app popular with the kids since the content shown by this app is mostly for the kids although there adults who still watch the shows provided by this app. However, it is important to note that for you to start enjoying the services of this app you will need to pay a cable subscription fee and you will be ready to start watching this shows this app provides.

The NetTV App

Although not a very popular app, it is also useful to you the user as it gives you the chance to keep in touch with the latest releases of TV shows that you follow up your local TV stations as well as other international stations. It is known for having more than 400 channels that it hosts so hurry up and get this app at just $2.99

Hulu Plus App

Hulu is a well-known TV app coming into the business in around 2007. It has grown to be very popular among the years, being preferred mostly because it provides lots of great TV shows for the user to choose from. It is known to provide full season run shows and will therefore keep you updated by showing you the latest episode release of a program you follow up. This app also gives you a chance to watch older TV shows that you might have missed from your television set and therefore you do not have to worry about the shows you miss when you are busy working. However, the user must be ready to part way with a monthly subscription fee of $7.99 for you to experience the full benefits of having this great app in your iPhone.

HBO GO app

This is one of the most popular used in watching TV shows from iPhone, this is greatly due to the fact that Home Box Office is known well for providing very good original shows that are popular among TV addicts. HBO provides a greater access to great TV shows from wherever you may be by just downloading this app to your iPhone