The best android screen apps to have on your Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

Best android screenshot apps

There is no doubt that there are many tasks that we can do with our android phones and other smartphones. The list is endless as imagine that you could use your phone to take screenshots of the things appearing on your phone screen at that particular time you are using that phone where you cannot afford to get another camera to take the picture of that item in question. You can take screenshots with your Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with the help of the well-developed android screenshot apps. With this apps you are guaranteed to always have a picture of even those items that do not have a save option in their menu and it is for this reason that you should make sure that you take a look at the list provided for you below and see which of those apps best suites your needs.


No root screenshot It

The use of this app gives you an opportunity to take screenshots where you will not be required to root your phone. However, for you to be able to make this happen, you need to first install a desktop version to your computer and then run this application while your phone is still attached to the computer after which now you can take screenshots of whatever is appearing on your screen.

Screenshot Er

This application is only compatible to the rooted devices and its user-friendly feature makes it an easy app to use where basically everyone can manage to use it. Its settings feature is able to give you a wide range of options which will make you able to capture any image you may you want to have in your phone but does not have a save option.


Just like its name suggests, its main aim is to make sure that you are able to take screenshots of those pictures or files that you would like to have in your phone. It is quite unique in that you are able to set a timer within the app where now the app will know when it will be expected to capture a certain shot which enhances the accuracy of your screenshots.

Screenshot free

This is one of the easiest ways of making sure that you get to capture the images on your screen through screenshot procedures simply because you are only required to shake your phone when the app is running and you will get your screenshot taken for you. The app also gives you a chance to edit those screenshots and you could also share them across the various social media platforms.

My Position

Just like its name suggests, this app mainly focuses on the screenshots of places where in most cases it is used to show the actual directions to a person who wants to visit a certain place. The app also makes it possible for you to add other instructions to the screenshot so that you are able to make it easier for the person viewing the screenshot to understand the destination of that screenshot.